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Doing Whole30 Pregnant?

The first trimester of my pregnancy was pretty rough. Since then I've been wanting to do a Whole30. It's been calling to me and I know it would help me to feel my best. But I kept putting it off...

"January", I said. But January 1 came and went...

the whole30 program

Then I won a copy of It Starts With Food from Brooklyn Fit Chick's blog. Still, I put it off...

Recently It Starts With Food won best general paleo book in the first ever #PaleoChat Awards. A sign? Still, I said: March 1st.

Lately I've had a bit of stress in my life. Now I know most people deal with stress on a daily basis, but I'm one that keeps my life pretty low-stress. But right now on top of my normal life of homeschooling, blogging, wanna-be-farming we're also getting the house ready to sell. We're living under construction and with a tighter budget than usual. Plus, you know, I'm pregnant and my energy levels just aren't anywhere near what I'm used to.... I could go on, but you get the picture: life's been hectic lately.

I really feel like now is the time that I could benefit from getting my nutrition RIGHT. I'm always the first to tell people not to wait for Monday, January 1st, or whenever. "Start now!" I happily advise. So, I'm listening to my own advice and not waiting until March 1st; I'm starting my Whole30 now!


If you're not familiar with The Whole30 I highly recommend you read It Starts With Food. You can also find the basic "rules" here

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Have you ever done The Whole30? Doing it now? Want to join me?!

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