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#Whole30 Week 2

Week 2 of my Whole30 went very well. I feel great! No more headaches, no real cravings to speak of... Well, I did crave sauerkraut one day, but I think that was more pregnancy related and not really Whole30 related.

My meals were very similar to my Week 1 meals:

Breakfast was generally a veggie omelet or scramble with some fruit.

Lunch was either a huge green salad (with protein, like chicken, on top of course), egg salad, leftovers, or tuna salad.

Dinner was some incarnation of meat and veggies. Paleo Spaghetti is one of my standbys and favorites.

I tried the Riced Cauliflower recipe from The Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook this week. It's. Amazing.

This week I was curious how my nutrition was on Whole30. Being pregnant, that was my number one reason for doing this Whole30. I tracked my food in an app a couple of days and was excited to see that my nutrition is AMAZING. It's what I'd expected, but still reassuring to see. 

My energy levels aren't quite what I'd hoped, but that has been an issue this entire pregnancy. I think they're about as good as they'll get, which at the beginning of the week I was disappointed with. Memories of my last 30 days of strict Paleo reminded me of just how much energy that rewarded me with. However, I can only do what I can do. I am pregnant, my body does strange things while pregnant, and that's OK. As long as I'm taking the best care of myself possible... The rest just is what it is.

On to week 3! I'm excited.

If you're interested in Whole30 please join us for this month's #PaleoChat on twitter! More info here.