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Review: The Paleo Slow Cooker by Arsy Vartanian

If you've read my blog for long you know that I'm absolutely a Paleo cookbook hoarder. Yep, I love them and want to own every. single. one. out there. Needless to say I was ecstatic to receive a review copy of The Paleo Slow Cooker by fellow blogger Arsy Vartanian. What I love about this cookbook: It's a hardback. Silly maybe, but I love that this is a beautiful hardcover cookbook. The Paleo info and tips she weaves throughout the book.  From what Paleo is to nutritional info to tips on dining out... I love how much helpful information she includes on top of the amazing recipes. The amazing recipes of course! I love the variety of slow cooker recipes she includes. So much fantastic Paleo food here! There's main dishes, sides, soups, desserts... Some of my favorites so far are the Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Paleo Beef Casserole, Beef Brisket in Espresso Bean BBQ Sauce (I just drooled a little), and Paleo Banana Coconut Foster. There w

Review: Cathe Friedrich's XTRAIN Series

A while back I was ecstatic to receive Cathe Friedrich's XTrain Series for review purposes. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own. The XTrain Workout Series is a total body fitness program that combines heavy weights with intense cardio . If you've read FitViews for long you can already guess this was a match made in heaven for me. The XTrain Series comes with : 9 or 10 (deluxe set) calorie crushing workouts 142 Premix Workouts 2 Bonus Core Workouts 5 Bonus One Hundred Rep Challenges Bonus Rear Delts Workout Bonus Barre Workout STS Full Color User's Guide packed with four rotations and detailed XTrain workout details. Free XTrain Online Tools and Workout Cards My unboxing video: As you can also purchase each DVD and the User's Guide individually I'm going to briefly discuss each item. Each DVD includes a brief introduction, several pre-mixes, and the option to play with or without music.  Disc 1 Chest, Back and Shoulders Equ

May's #PaleoChat - What Does Paleo Look Like in Real Life?

I can't believe it's already time for May's #PaleoChat ! This month's chat will be Wednesday May 1st at 9 PM Eastern time . We'll be chatting about what Paleo looks like in our lives.  To me Paleo (or Primal) eating is more of a spectrum than an absolute. Sure, there's strict Paleo a la Robb Wolf's first 30 days or Whole30, but not many of us live that way day in and day out (although some do and that's great too). While there are those out there that play the Paleo police and insist strict Paleo or nothing, I know that most of us fall somewhere along the Paleo spectrum. Most people I know that "do Paleo" take the framework of Paleo and fit it into their lives. Some do a little dairy, some do 80/20, some believe in cheat meals, and so on. I think supporting and encouraging each other to find what works is so much more important than preaching or policing some standard. What does Paleo look like in real life? Come share!

Benefits of a Paleo Pregnancy

In my third trimester I find myself looking back at this pregnancy and marveling at the difference I see between this and my previous pregnancies. I had assumed Paleo would make a difference, but I'm a little shocked at how much of a difference I've seen. Benefits I've seen with my Paleo pregnancy: Excellent nutrition. I've tracked my nutrients throughout most of my pregnancy and I've been amazed at just how great my nutrition is without really even trying (other than just sticking to Paleo). My daily values are at or above recommended daily values consistently (before any supplements).  People have asked if I feel deprived. With eats like this? Nope, haven't felt deprived! Less moody. Now, I still get sappy at the silliest things, but I'm not near as moody/emotional as I was in my previous three pregnancies. I was downright... grouchy. My husband has even remarked at how much more like myself I seem this pregnancy (p

From Dreaming of Boston to Praying for Boston

Image Credit I had a review post scheduled for today, but pulled it. After yesterday's events at The Boston Marathon I wanted to share my heart. Like many of my running peers I have the goal of qualifying for Boston.  In July of 2011 I participated in Jack Sh*t's W.I.D.T.H. series . He asked us to answer on a note card why we were on this healthy living/weight loss journey. I had many reasons: my health, my family... but I chose instead to answer with a goal: I chose that response because to me that goal embodies the amazing transformation my mind, body, and attitude have underwent on this amazing healthy living/weight loss journey. Even having that goal shows how far I've come and what it's all about for me. This me: ...was barely aware of the Boston Marathon and would have thought it impossible. I didn't set goals, I didn't believe in myself enough.  But now I hope to check Boston off my bucket list some day. I believe it's possible.

April's #PaleoChat: Paleo For Fat Loss

This month's #PaleoChat will be Wednesday April 3rd at 9 PM Eastern. We'll be chatting about Paleo for fat loss.  There will be structured questions coming from me, but I'd also like to try a bit more of an open format this time. Have questions about paleo for fat loss? Feel free to ask them of the group. Need help troubleshooting Paleo specifically for fat loss? #PaleoChat is a wonderfully helpful group! Have tips, personal stories, etc related to Paleo for fat loss? Please share! Hope to see you there!