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From Dreaming of Boston to Praying for Boston

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I had a review post scheduled for today, but pulled it. After yesterday's events at The Boston Marathon I wanted to share my heart.

Like many of my running peers I have the goal of qualifying for Boston. 

In July of 2011 I participated in Jack Sh*t's W.I.D.T.H. series. He asked us to answer on a note card why we were on this healthy living/weight loss journey. I had many reasons: my health, my family... but I chose instead to answer with a goal:

I chose that response because to me that goal embodies the amazing transformation my mind, body, and attitude have underwent on this amazing healthy living/weight loss journey. Even having that goal shows how far I've come and what it's all about for me. This me:

...was barely aware of the Boston Marathon and would have thought it impossible. I didn't set goals, I didn't believe in myself enough. 

But now I hope to check Boston off my bucket list some day. I believe it's possible. I believe in me.

The marathon tends to be the 'I did it' race, and Boston like no other. Boston seems to embody the runner spirit. It stands for all the hard work, time, determination, and belief in ourselves that goes into running such a race.

My heart is heavy that someone chose to cause harm to the amazing people involved with this iconic race. 

There's no sense to be made of this. It's wrong. It's evil. It makes me feel powerless.

However, I refuse to believe we are ever truly powerless. So, I choose to focus on what I CAN do. I can pray for all touched by this. I can raise my children to be positive, good, loving people. And I can keep Boston on my bucket list.

What can you do?