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May's #PaleoChat - What Does Paleo Look Like in Real Life?

I can't believe it's already time for May's #PaleoChat! This month's chat will be Wednesday May 1st at 9 PM Eastern time.

We'll be chatting about what Paleo looks like in our lives. 

To me Paleo (or Primal) eating is more of a spectrum than an absolute. Sure, there's strict Paleo a la Robb Wolf's first 30 days or Whole30, but not many of us live that way day in and day out (although some do and that's great too).

While there are those out there that play the Paleo police and insist strict Paleo or nothing, I know that most of us fall somewhere along the Paleo spectrum. Most people I know that "do Paleo" take the framework of Paleo and fit it into their lives. Some do a little dairy, some do 80/20, some believe in cheat meals, and so on. I think supporting and encouraging each other to find what works is so much more important than preaching or policing some standard.

What does Paleo look like in real life? Come share!