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Blogging induces weight loss...who knew?!

OK, not exactly...but I am finding a correlation here.  And no, it's not all that typing. Although I'm sure it's burning some calories.
Since I have started this blog, and especially since there are a couple people reading it, I have found myself really watching my P's and Q's. Weight loss and healthy choices has taken an even higher priority than before. It's sorta crazy. I'll think, oh I don't want to workout today, maybe I'll just skip it. Then its, uh-oh then I'd have to put that down on my workout log.  Or I'll want a big ooey gooey yummy Starbucks, but then I'll think, uh-oh I'm weighing in, wouldn't want to have to post a gain, gasp. Plus, trolling for new workout DVDs to review really keeps me from getting in a workout rut. The variety is really fun. When I started this I had no idea this would be the result, but it's awesome!

So, I highly recommend starting a blog as part of your weight loss plan, lol.  I'm actually excited to get on the scale this weekend, pretty sure it's going to say only good things. But even if it doesn't, I am enjoying myself and making good choices. That is the important thing.Thanks to everyone who reads, leaves comments, and follows my blog. You are really keeping me honest. I hope I'm helping you in some way too!