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Great Day

I had a really great day today.
Got up at 5, and got my workout on with Jillian's Last Chance workout. Used my 8 lb weights because I had left the 5 lb ones upstairs. Definitely felt the difference there!
Did awesome with my eating today. Crazy how some days seem so easy. Like today, craved apples all day. Oh, if only that craving would stick and replace all others, lol. Some days I crave junk and struggle all day long. No rhyme or reason, but I'm thankful for an easy day.
Went outside with the kids for a while. Really enjoyed the sunshine. After all this cold lately it was much needed for me and the boys. They get pretty wild being cooped up inside. I tend to get the winter blues a little if I'm not dilligent about getting some sunshine during the winter months.
Feeling hopeful for this weekend's weigh in again. Expecting good things. If not, I'm wondering, how much hang time do you reckon I can get on a scale??
Biggest Loser is on tomorrow night...excited for that. It winds up being my 'me' time. Hubby takes the kids upstairs to play or watch a movie and I have an entire two hours all to myself. It's fabulous. Warning, I tend to overtweet during the show.
Feeling peaceful and content. Just wanted to check in. Hope everyone is well. Loving reading all your blogs and comments lately. It's like having a whole new community of friends.