Happy 101

Natalia at http://natalia-baage.blogspot.com/ gave me this:

Because I inspire/motivate here. THANK YOU!
I am supposed to tell you 10 things that make me happy and then hand it on to 10 people who inspire/motivate me.

First, I believe it is a choice to be 'happy', so I am going to list 10 things I really enjoy/make me smile:

  • My Husband

  • My 3 Boys

  • My Sister

  • My Animals: Dog, Cats, Chickens

  • My New Blogger Friends

  • Running

  • Quiet Time Early in the Morning

  • Coffee, Esspresso, Starbucks, mmmm

  • Reading, Writing, Books

  • My Blackberry

Now, 10 people who inspire/motivate me that I'm sending this on to: