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Surely the Broken Wheat Thins Don't Count??

One of my regular lunches is a can of Campbell's Select Harvest Light Soups with 16 reduced fat Wheat Thins and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese. Yummy and filling. Well, yesterday I was counting out my 16 wheat thins, and it went like this:

1, 2, oooh broken one (into mouth it went), 3, 4, 5, broken one (into mouth it went), 6, 7, broken one (U guessed it, into mouth it went) 8, 9, 10, broken one WAIT what the heck am I doing?? Epiphany. Figured out part of my plateau problem.

One of my plateau busting goals this week was to be absolutely dilligent in my calorie counting. What I've discovered is this weird game I play in my head. One bite of the kids mac n cheese--don't count that, 3 or 4 broken wheat thins--surely THOSE don't count, a taste of hubby's breakfast...You get the picture. There is a lot getting into my mouth that somehow doesn't count to me. Whole Wheat Thins are the only ones that contain calories? The broken ones are free? Uh, no. Yes, all of this does count, and over a week's time can add up to plenty of uncounted calories!

Since counting calories is my big weight loss strategy here I have to count everything. Or what's the point? Not sure how I have talked myself into things like...surely the broken wheat things don't count...but I'm talking myself out of them right quick!

Mindfulness is a big part of weight loss. It's the not paying attention that got me here in the first place. Just being mindful of what I eat, when I eat, how much I eat makes a huge difference. Even being mindful while I eat is important. I am trying to focus on my food while I eat it lately. I tend to get distracted on my Blackberry and I've heard you aren't paying attention when you're actually full that way.

So, my lesson from yesterday, it's amazing what jumps into my mouth when I'm not paying attention, or er counting...