Lack of Organization Bit me in the Butt Again

For some reason this week was rather hectic for me. I can't really blame it on one thing, it just was. Very busy, lots going on, but nothing really out of the ordinary.  In the craziness of the week I let a few things go. The two main things: I didn't track any of my carbs or calories and I didn't plan ahead for my grocery trip. 

Weigh in is officially tomorrow, so we'll see, but I think I may have gained. Not tracking translated into more cheese and peanut butter than I should have eaten for the week. I had intended to track at least one or two days this week just to keep things in check. Well, not paying attention gets me every time! I didn't track any days. I didn't mean to eat more of those foods, but not planning and paying attention, I did. We shall see what the results are tomorrow I guess.

On top of that, I didn't get a paper last Sunday; the day just got away from us. Then, I didn't get my sales and coupons matched before I left. I took off for Super Target with just a list. Compound that with the fact I went with my hubby and two littlest boys and you get: too much money spent.

First we left very early and I forgot to bring something for the boys to eat for breakfast. So we spent $13 at the Starbucks right off the bat, ugh.  Then, I was just winging it with my list and wound up spending $130 on groceries. I had my debit card instead of cash (mistake number 2 million for that trip, lol). So the day's total was $143 and I only meant to spend $100. Yeesh. The little bit of time it would have taken to plan ahead cost me $43.

So, lack of organization this week has bitten me in the butt several times. Planning ahead and taking the time to do things like tracking calories/carbs saves me so much; I really have to make time for it. I guess weeks like this are there to remind me of that!

See you tomorrow for weigh in, pics, and a review on those nifty little Hungry Girl Recipe Cards. Have a great Saturday!