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I have been asking myself lately: What is different about 'this time around' with getting healthy and losing weight? Why am I having success? Why do I see myself at a size 6 now when before I never even thought it was possible for me? I am even digging into the deeper issues. Issues I never even saw for what they were before. Facing my fears. Making permanent changes. It feels awesome. But why? What is the difference this time?

The answer I came up with was hope. Not just wishy washy I sure wish I could, but deep down to my toes I have hope. They're entirely different things, wishing and hoping. Wishing doesn't even get you off the couch. Ditch the wishing, choose the hope. Hope is so much deeper, so much more far reaching, it means so much more to me than wishing. I see myself accomplishing my goals, I believe I can. Obstacles aren't walls, and heck, if they are I'm going around them or climbing over. I won't be stopped. I have hope. I am getting there. I will get there. I have hope.

 It is an amazing place to be. It's much more mental than physical. Which is obviously where my battle was all along. I always battled the physical before. I find now that once I battle the mental and emotional aspects the physical becomes so much easier. I truly believe now that you can't make lasting changes without getting to the root of it. Sure you can count your calories and workout like a fiend, but if you don't deal with that mental/emotional root it just. won't. stick.

I have hope for me. I have hope for you.

My blog subtitle is "weeding through the hype to find the help and the hope". That is exactly what I want to do with my blog. Through product reviews and my personal story, my desire is to pass on some of this hope to any of you that need it. 

The products don't hold the hope, I simply use them as tools to get me where I want to go. So don't ever put your hope in a product or workout DVD or diet book. I simply do the reviews to share helpful things or point out the junk. If I can save you some wasted money and time hooray. But don't ever put your hope there, they are just tools on this journey. P90x isn't the answer, it is a tool. A good tool, but still just a tool, a weapon in this battle. You still have to do the real work and get to whatever your root is. Then you will turn that corner, then you will make those lasting changes.

And I have hope that you will! Do you?

(P90x link goes to my beautiful sister's BeachBody Coach site, she and her fab hubby are coaches now! Woo, I'm excited about that)

*Note: Oh what the heck did I do? Just agreed to join and in their workout pledge, we will be on treadmill for 30 seconds for every comment here: so, uh feel free not to comment there ;) WISH ME LUCK...may be on the treadmill all night!