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Letter to My Jeans

OK, so I'm into letters to inanimate objects lately!

Dear Ms. Cute Jeans,

First I want to thank you. Thank you Ms. Cute Jeans for making me feel like I looked cute on Thanksgiving and again on Christmas. Thank you for fitting me and not giving me a muffin top, and thank you for not making me feel self conscious. Most of all thank you for showing the progress of my hard work better than Mr. Scale. I have enjoyed you thoroughly in our short time together.

I realize that I have always treated you rather tenderly. Washing you carefully and never putting you in the dryer for fear of shrinkage. Please do not be alarmed if I now wash you in hot water and put you through the dryer in an effort to keep you around a little longer. Think of it as a spa. You must understand that the budget doesn't allow for new jeans right now and plus, you're just so stinkin cute. But you know that already. 

I genuinely enjoy feeling skinny when I put you on now. However, you are positively falling off of me; it just doesn't look very nice. We will hope shrinkage will occur. If not, I will be sad when I give you away. But no tears. Leave in triumph, knowing you have completed your mission here and will move on to bless someone else.

With Love,

Kat (aka the chick in the baggy jeans)