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Sister Challenge Results and Weekend Warrior Challenge


The results are in! We both had a great two weeks and feel fabulous! Getting up early and getting things done, working out consistently, and drinking our water has had awesome results in both our lives! So, we both win, right? OK, not exactly. Someone has to win the rewards. Here goes, the totals:

Water consumption for Starbucks Card:
Vonda: 1160 oz
Kat: 1292 oz

Exercise minutes for Running Socks:
Vonda: 500
Kat: 587

Mornings up by 4:45 and productive for race T-shirts:
Vonda: 8
Kat: 10

So, ya...I win all three! First I felt a little bad this morning, but texted with sis and she is feeling very positive about it. I am competitive, but sort of hoped she'd win one too. But, since we both feel great with our results and did some awesome things the last two weeks: Woo hoo! I win! We still haven't decided what our race t-shirts will say. But, I think the fronts should have the above symbol, what do ya think?

Looking forward to our March Kick Some Asphalt Challenge now! Join us, it's a lot of fun to challenge YOU could win some running socks!

Also, I am participating in Brandon's Weekend Warrior Challenge which I thought was an awesome idea! It encourages us not to let our weekends be epic fails. We are to pick two or three measurable goals for this weekend. Mine are: Run 3 miles Sunday. Track calories on Saturday and Sunday, and even though Sunday is my cheat meal day keep calories under 1800.

Be sure to tell Vonda great job in the comments! Have a great Wednesday everyone!