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Everything, but the kitchen sink...OK, maybe the kitchen sink too.

I have a crazy hodge podge jumble of a post ready to explode all over the page, lol, sorry. That's where my brain is tonight!

First, 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups challenge:
How did everyone do this week? I sucked rocks. I did a Jackie Warner workout DVD towards the beginning of the week that I had never done before. I was wrecked. Obviously I had completely adjusted to my usual strength workouts because my muscles were screaming for days. (screaming in a good way of course) So I got exactly 0 of these workouts in. I didn't do any other strength this week and chose to stick to cardio only. I guess next week will be week two, take two?

Second, I am so so so excited for my race coming up the 17th. You will probably be sick of hearing about it soon! I plan to run tomorrow, but then I will be resting more this week so that I am ready to go on race day. My workout log will probably be rather boring this week. Maybe some yoga and jogging or walking. No speed intervals or crazy intense workouts. I have done the over-training and shown up at a race with legs that felt like lead. Not this time!

And last, there may or may not be a weigh in post this week. I am thinking not. It's that time of the month and I just have no urge to see what that evil little square in the bathroom would like to taunt me with. I know I've done great, I also know it's not going to show me that. So I might just skip a weigh in this week. We'll see if I'm feelin it in the morning I guess.

And last, I uh cleaned the house today...which always makes me feel more prepared for the new week. (see, kitchen sink). Plus, Hubby starts his new job Monday (yay!).

So there was a quick trip through my crazy A.D.D. mind of this evening, hope your weekends are going great.