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Friday's Food Accountability Project Post

It's kind of funny, I am loving reading everyone's comments on yesterday's food post. Now, I may or may not take every single person's advice, but I just love hearing everyone's opinions. So, feel free, to tell me what you think!

Someone asked about Oikos. Yes, love Oikos, also like Chobani and Fage.

Several commented maybe I didn't eat enough. I am seriously considering that. Right now I do weigh and measure my food and track on Sparkpeople, so I know how many calories I am eating, and the nutrient content. When I go to those online calculators it says I should eat more calories, but when I do, I don't lose weight. I stay the same. Yesterday I wore my heart rate monitor all day and it says I burn less calories than those calculators suggest too. My resting heart rate is much lower since I'm more fit now. Maybe that is part of it? I am very confused about all this right now. Hrmmm. Would love to hear thoughts on that.

OK, onto the food.

It was a 2 cup morning. Each with 2 Tblsp Half and Half. Eep, I know.
3/4 cup(pre-cooked measure) Oatmeal with a sprinkle of Cinnamon.

Midmorning while grocery shopping:
Mmmm, Skinny Caramel Macchiato.

1 stalk of Celery cut in half with 1 Tblsp Peanut Butter with Flax.
I found this natural peanut butter with flaxseed while shopping today...and was a little obsessed with it, hence, Lunch:

Peanut Butter Sandwich on Earthgrains Thin Bun with a Gala Apple.

My 5 a Day Smoothie (made without whey protein because I didn't get any when I went shopping, yeesh). Has Frozen Strawberries and lots of Fresh Spinach. Recipe under my recipe tab.


3/4 cup All Whites with 1 Roma Tomato and 1/4 Cup Mozarella.

1/2 cup Sliced Strawberries with Vanilla Chobani. YUM.

My total calories for the day 1363.