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Re-Focusing on my Running aka Kicking Excuses to the Curb

I was going through my blog updating things today when I noticed that I have not updated my workout log since I started ChaLEAN Extreme. Oops! Sorry about that, I'll fix that soon. 

While perusing my workout calendar to make sure I'd logged everything so that I can update my workout log I realized something...I haven't been running. What the?

I have been sticking faithfully to my ChaLEAN at 5am, but my runs...I have let them slide. Many, many runs are crossed out on my workout calendar. I planned them and simply didn't do them. Dangit.

I am a runner. A runner however must run! Two things have been my excuses lately. 1. time. I am struggling to fit in the ChaLEAN workouts and runs. 2. childcare. Of which I have none, lol. I AM the childcare.

Pondering these issues I realize they are really just excuses. Things I need to fix so that I can RUN. I am missing it terribly. There are many times I have wished I could go for a run to clear out the junk in my head! Plus, eep, I have a 5k June 20th!

First, time. Well, it's summer now and homeschool things are wrapping up, so that shouldn't be such a problem anymore. I can either add a run onto my workout or fit it in later in the day. Running is important to me, well worth making the time. I might have to get creative, but I can make the time. That excuse gone.

Second, my kids. This became a problem because I now hate my treadmill. I just can't stand to run on it anymore. It's downright uncomfortable. Outside is SO my choice now. That puts a huge kink in things. Running on my treadmill=easy. Pop a movie in or set some legos out to occupy the kids while I run, easy. Outside running...not so easy. I really don't want to run while hubby watches the kids because he has been working so much lately I barely get to see him. 

After much deliberation on this I have come up with 2 solutions. First, I can add an early morning run on top of my ChaLEAN workout before everyone gets up in the morning. There is a track a block from my house perfect for this (yes, I count myself lucky there). ChaLEAN workouts are relatively short, so I will be able to do this some days. There are however times I struggle getting up early enough to do this, so that leads me to solution 2. My dad. My awesomesauce dad retired early...and loves his grandkids. Score. They have a farm about 4 miles from me. I can take the kids our there to play with him, while I run around his property. Woo! That excuse is now toast.

Excuses often get in the way of our 'me time'. Especially our workouts. But sometimes we need to look at them for what they are. Excuses. A little thought or planning can often knock them down one by one. If being fit and healthy is important to us, we need to make time for it. Sometimes it takes creativity, but usually we can find that time to fit it in!

Do you struggle with fitting your workouts in? How have you gotten creative to make it work?