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Yay for Shopping!

I have not enjoyed shopping for clothes for a very long time. Nothing ever fit right. Nothing ever looked right. I was convinced that dressing rooms made me sweat. And don't even get me started on all those criticizing mirrors in there.

I hated it, dreaded it. Everything cute was too small. Everything trendy might fit one thigh.

I would go. Try on lots. Hate how I looked in everything and rarely come home with anything.

I pretty much settled for jeans and hoodies, jeans and hoodies, jeans and hoodies.

Today I went shopping. I just wanted one summer outfit because most of my clothes are getting baggy.

It rocked.

I just went to SuperTarget. No need spending big bucks on clothes I hope to be too small for soon.

I timidly went to the juniors sizes. I have not fit into these in a long, long time.

I found a really cute pair of dark wash jean capris with cuffs that hit about at the knees. I looked at the size 15. Hmmm, they looked big. I remembered the last time I'd tried junior sizes. Only a few months ago. The 15's were too small.

I tentatively picked up a size 13. Would they fit? I had in the back of my mind that defeating feeling of past trips where I'd have to come out again for the bigger size (and sometimes it was still too small). I took them and the shirts I liked into the dressing room.

EVERYTHING was too big. It took me several trips to find what sizes I needed! So much more fun than having to go back for a larger size.

The 11's in the capris were just a tiny bit big, but I think they'll be great when I wash them. I found a cute black tank top on clearance and a black light short sleeve sweater (because I still don't love my arms). I love, love my new outfit.

I feel cute in it. Wow, how long has it been since I've said that?

I tried on many things. Knowing I would only buy one outfit, but loving that I felt like I looked nice in clothes again! I tried on things I never would have before. I apologize to the fitting room attendant that had to put them back. But it was such a boost.

I had fun shopping for clothes.

I told hubby he'd better look out, LOL. I like shopping again!!