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My word of the day on Twitter was courage. Why? Because I think it takes a lot of courage to start this battle and an extreme amount to win this battle.

Courage to get up every day and make better choices.

Courage to walk, or bike, or run, or dance, or swim...

Courage to push yourself farther than before in your workouts.

Courage to say NO to nasty foods that you know will make you feel like crap later no matter who is pushing them.

Courage to believe in you.

Courage to believe that you can do so much more than you've ever thought possible.

Courage to love you.

Courage to choose to take care of you.

Courage to know that you can live without that candy bar or piece of cake.

Courage to make time for yourself.

Courage to keep taking step after step after step even when you aren't seeing what you want to see.

Courage to get back up when we fall down and mess up.

Courage to forgive yourself.

Courage to see yourself as that healthier person (whatever that means to you) and GO FOR IT.

Courage to be the best you that you can be. You deserve it, the people in your life deserve it, the world deserves it.

Courage to live out loud.

Courage to be GREAT.

I encourage you to take better care of you, whatever that means in your life.

I'll leave you with something I tweeted earlier, Don't be disgusted with yourself when you mess up, we don't treat people we are disgusted with as well as people we love and forgive.