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Why Diet is in my Blog Title

When people see my handle "katdoesdiets" or my blog title "Kat's Adventures in Dietland" I think they often get the wrong idea. I don't really 'do' diets. I have done a lot of diets in my lifetime, but currently I am searching for how I can nourish my body for life. I think the word diet has a lot of negative connotation. Most see it as some crazy strict thing you do until you lose weight then you go off of it. To me your diet is simply what you eat. Period. 

I was being a little tongue and cheek about reviewing diets when I came up with katdoesdiets. Anyone from Colorado remember Debbie Does Donuts...OK, no topless reviews here, but it was sort of a silly play on that.

I read a lot of 'diet' books. I love to research. I peruse a lot of articles on nutrition. But I don't really 'do' any of them. I think most of these things have their good points and their bad points. Even some of the crazy ones have a few pearls of wisdom deep down (of course some are complete trash too) I take the good, the things I think may work for me, and leave the bad. I like to read and review diet books and diet plans, to let people know what they're all about, but I myself tend to keep searching for what works best for me. I think it's all about knowing our bodies and continuing to improve. In fact, my 'how I'm losing weight' needs updated because I've changed things since I wrote that.

Hence, Kat's Adventure's in Dietland, it's all a wonderful adventure for me.

I am constantly tweaking my diet a little here, a little there. Taking out sugar, adding in flaxseed. Diet Coke was ditched long ago. Sugarfree RockStars shortly after (yes, I had huge caffeine issues). Starting Monday I will be attempting to take out all sugar and artificial sugars.  Things like that. It's a constant journey for me to a healthier body. I enjoy it. To me it has become fun, like an adventure.

The fact that I feel fanfriggintastic taking better care of myself doesn't hurt either.

So, that's where I got my names. 

What will you NOT give up in the name of weight loss?

I have one thing that is happily staying in my 'diet', no matter how many diet plans or magazine articles or cleanses tell me to drop it: my morning cup of strong coffee with two tablespoons of real half and half. you?