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The Positivity Project Results

From my first Positivity Project post: 

"my new goal is to have a more positive attitude, and in specific to SAY positive things. Whether I particularly feel like saying positive things...or not.
I think a positive attitude is important. I also believe that speaking positive things is important. I really feel like when I say negative things my attitude and my day follow suit. Likewise when I say positive things, even when I really have to search for them, my day and attitude still follow suit. Words definitely have the power to build people up or tear them down, and that includes ourselves."
"I am getting up every morning and SAYING positive today is going to be amazing, or amazing things are going to happen get the picture.
The funny thing? So far, I've been right."

My two weeks of The Positivity Project are how did it go? Amazing, of course! OK, not just 'being positive' here. I have to say it was an awesome two weeks and it had everything to do with my chosen attitude shift. Someone asked me on Twitter the other day what I was on; I giggled.

There were a couple rough days where some of my in laws were trying uber hard to bust the positivity project all to heck.  And, there were a few slips when I let some huge negativity come out my mouth...But I am proud to say, positivity triumphed!

Yesterday I whacked myself in the chin with a cooking spray can accidentally, I decided to laugh at myself instead of any other reaction. I had a whole silly Twitter conversation about "The Cooking Spray Incident". I even caught myself saying the other day "I'm more of a glass half full kind of gal". Say what? Did I just say that? Yep, and meant it to. It simply amazes me how much choice we have over our attitude. I'd never thought much of it before, but it really is true. I kept my attitude good by keeping my words positive and focusing on the positive in my life.

It's really been quite the amazing thing. Quite the shift in my life. So much so that I am extending it indefinitely. Every day I am going to focus on saying positive things whether I feel like it or not. Every day I am going to try my best to keep my outlook positive and guard my attitude. 

Life is good, really.

I plan to have a Positivity Project Series, just post with positive themes.

Tell me something positive about your life!