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Consistency Epiphany

I was talking with hubby in the kitchen this morning...and the heavens opened up, the light shined upon me, and I heard the angels singing the hallelujah chorus.

OK, maybe not exactly. But, I did have a huge what I view to be life-changing epiphany: consistency.

I've talked about this before, I've nodded emphatically when reading others discuss this topic. Consistency is key. Consistency is important. Consistency is where it's at.

But I didn't really get it. I didn't deep down to my toes embrace it. I still struggle with inconsistency.

What I realized this morning is that being inconsistent is my problem. My entire problem really. It's my problem in all aspects of my life. Inconsistency is the root of all my struggles. With weight, with housework, with my writing, the list is extensive!  Not only that, but if I can figure out how to be consistent it will make my life EASIER!

Maybe this is no news to many of you, but it was seriously a big light bulb moment for me. I am making more work for myself by being inconsistent.

When I take the weekends to be slack from my healthy eating and working out (or weeks that I backslide), I have to work harder all week than I would if I simply remained consistent. In fact, I probably wouldn't have to be near as strict if I simply remained consistent.

When I am inconsistent with my housework I make a huge pile of work for myself that takes hours to dig back out of, when if I merely remained consistent with a few simple routines I could accomplish so much more with minimal daily consistency!

Had I remained consistent with my writing all year, instead of bursts of work followed by blocks of non-writing, I wouldn't be trying to squash a completed book into this last quarter.

I make more work for myself with my inconsistency. If I simply do a little every day at all of these elements I will accomplish far more in far less time. JUST BY BEING CONSISTENT. Being inconsistent makes everything harder!

That is my huge life changing epiphany of the morning. I need to be focusing all my efforts on being consistent. Which will, in fact, in turn make things easier for me. I can change my entire life one consistent task at a time!