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I'm Back On The Sauce

I had pretty much sworn off sugar completely for the past several months. I was previously so out of balance with it and feeling like crap. I ditched the sugar completely and cut back on many other carbs, I did Primal for a while (that's been ditched lately though) and all around felt better. However, I've felt lately like I've gone out of balance the other way!

Life is a balancing act, and I'm constantly over-correcting. I've been having wicked cravings and wildly fantasizing about things like VitaTops. While I was on Primal I was ready to propose marriage to oatmeal. OK, big billboard signs I was out of balance again.

Recently I've decided to include back in sensible treats. Oatmeal has become a staple again and I've decided a little sugar here and there to keep the food porn thoughts in check is OK too. I will still have to pay attention to how what I'm eating is making me feel. I know too much wheat and sugar are generally the culprits, so I want to be sure I am not going overboard and feeling like crap from too much wheat and sugar again. Balancing, balancing, I'm always learning what's best for me.

Sensible being the focus here, my comparison of Deep Chocolate VitaTops and Weight Watchers Brownies: