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Coach's Oats Has Ruined Me

Coach's Oats sent me samples of their oats to review...I fell in love. All was well and good, then...I ran out.

Now it wasn't shocking to me that I fell in love with Coach's Oats. I'm a self proclaimed oatmeal freak. In fact oats have been a cornerstone of my healthy-living-weight-loss-be-the-best-me-I-can-be journey from the beginning. I have gone from instant oatmeal, to quick cook, to old fashioned, to Coach's Oats. My journey has been one of constant learning and adjustment, but what I've found for myself is that if my eating were a building, the four cornerstones of the foundation would be: oats; fruits and veggies; protein and protein and some more protein; and what I call healthy indulgences (foods I consider healthy but watch the portions) like dark chocolate, nuts, coffee with half and half, etc. So, of course I fell in love with Coach's Oats. I love me some oatmeal.

What did shock me however was last week when I ran out of Coach's Oats (note to self: don't do that again) and tried my regular old fashioned oats again, well, I'll let the tweet speak for itself:

Ran out of Coach's Oats yesterday, decided I'd just have regular oatmeal this morning...blech, was it always this mushy? LOL.

The response I received was that yes, in fact, yes it was. Who knew?! 

So, yes, Coach's Oats has ruined me for all other oats apparently. 

Meh, I'm OK with that.

Have you ever tried a new or healthier version of a food and had it ruin you?