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The Firm Express 4 Day Kick Start Plan Results and Review

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First, I'll get right to the numbers of my results with The Firm Express 4 Day Kick Start program...

Beginning stats were:
Starting Weight: 191
BF%: 35.9
Waist: 36.5
Right thigh: 23
Right calf: 15.25
Hips: 44
Right arm: 12.5

4 Days later, final stats were:
Weight: 189
BF%: 35.1
Waist: 36
Right thigh: 22.5
Right calf: 15.25
Hips: 44
Right arm: 12.5

For 4 days, I'm very pleased with those results. Now, being that I'm measuring myself, the measurements could be a bit off. If I didn't get the measuring tape in the exact same spot for example. But I measured my waist twice and am pretty sure I got it right. .5 inch down shocked me.

Now, for my review of the 4 Day Kick Start plan...

Basically, it's a low calorie plan, with 50 to 60 minutes of workouts per day. The base plan was a bit too low in calories for me personally, but then I read that if you are above 150 pounds you can add a couple of snacks. Which I chose to do.

I didn't stick to it 100% perfectly, I had an extra banana one day, an extra apple another, nothing major. I also repeated a few snacks and meals instead of doing the exact meal plan, mostly to save on the grocery budget. I did miss some workouts one day also...which all makes me wonder what the results would have been if I had manged to stick to it 100%. But, I'm a mom, and life is life.

The workouts are fairly fast paced and since I'd never done The Firm I only used 5 and 8 pound weights for all of the workouts. I wanted to familiarize myself with the moves. I definitely should have used 10s for many. Now, that's just my fitness level, not any sort of a recommendation. Always work within your abilities, trying to go too heavy could cause injury and seriously sideline your exercise efforts. I've been lifting heavy for a while and have workouts I use 15s and 20s. But with these workouts, they do the moves so quickly that I don't think I'll be needing the 20s at all.

Overall I liked the 4 Day Kick Start plan. I think I may do it again...say, before fitbloggin ;) 

The foods were yummy and kept me satisfied. This actually surprised me. Normally when I get around 1200 calories I'm famished all day. I think the inclusion of healthy fats like walnuts and avacado did the trick. The one thing I came away with that I was really shocked about was I'm not freaking out and obsessing about food like I had been. For some reason I really feel at peace with food right now. It's not on my mind constantly. I feel in control of it instead of it controlling me. Normally a restricted calorie plan has the opposite effect on me.

I enjoyed the workouts. I definitely need to do them a few more times to get all the moves down. I'm usually more inclined to more basic, slow moves when incorporating weights, even with cardio I'm pretty basic too I guess. But, I think this could be a good thing, change can be good for the body!

I am just a blogger, not a doctor, trainer, or any sort of professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet, supplement, or new workout program.