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The Firm Express Thin in 30--Week 1 Review and Results

I'm not going to do measurements and BF% this week, just weight.

I lost 1 pound in week one of this plan.
Last week I was 189, this week I am 188.
Including the 2 pounds I lost on the 4 Day Kick Start plan, that's 3 pounds so far.

I am pleased with that. 

I am actually shocked by a loss at all. It is such a different plan than what I tend towards I wasn't sure how my body would react. (I'm generally more gung ho and a little less sensible, yes this is my downfall).

I ate a very sensible 1600-1800 calories all week. 1800 is high for me (in my head!). I'm not used to allowing that many calories while trying to lose weight. I was honestly worried I might gain weight!

I also only did the 3 workouts, roughly 20 minutes each. Normally I feel like I have to workout at least 5 days, and much longer than 20 minutes.

I'm pleasantly surprised by these results. I think it's a very balanced sensible plan.

But I am going to kick things up a little for this next week. The workout calendar says "if you are new to exercise" which I am absolutely not. So, I am going to add the bonus DVD more. I still hope to do some yoga on my off days and fit a run in this weekend (these didn't happen last week). I will keep the 1600-1800 calorie range.

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