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Supreme 90 Day Out of the Box Review and Initial Thoughts

I laugh at my workout snobbery. When I first saw this workout around and even when I first received this set (yep, there's the disclaimer, slipped in, I received this from the PR company FTC) I thought it would be cheesy. In fact, had I not received this I probably would have passed it by and never tried it. Lesson learned, you can't judge a workout by its cover either ;)

I am very impressed with this workout system, low cost or no. My initial thoughts:

You can purchase this set at Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sports Authority, and Dick's sporting Goods. You will need dumbbells and an exercise ball for these workouts. If you are someone who wants to workout at home you probably already have these (or should get them!).

So, yes the packaging is a little cheap, but for $19.99! I am amazed. It is a good nutrition plan that's included. Complete with a 28 day meal plan, a few recipes, and a shopping list. The workouts I've tried so far are awesome (Tabata Inferno and a few others will be STAYING in my workout rotation long-term). This is definitely the best workout value I've seen.

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