Supreme 90 Day Final Results and Review

I've completed 30 days on the Supreme 90 Day System. Last Thursday was when I took my results, but I'm just getting to posting my review today...So, do I think this system is hype or help? First, the numbers. 

My Starting Stats:
Weight: 184
BF%: 34.1%
Waist: 35.5
Right thigh: 22
Right calf: 15
Hips: 43.5
Right arm: 12

My 30 Day Stats:
Weight: 176
BF%: 31.5%
Waist: 34
Right thigh: 21.5
Right calf: 14.75
Hips: 42.5
Right arm: 12

Quick Notes

I did tweak this plan a little. For this workout you will need hand weights and a stability ball.

Best Workout Value

I won't beat around the bush. I love this set of workouts. They are the best workout value I have seen in a while! $19.99?! Wow. I give Supreme 90 Day 4.5 stars and absolutely think it is help, no hype here. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the packaging is a little cheap and the trainer mis-calls moves some. Nothing that should keep anyone from buying them though, they rock. Seriously.

I highly recommend this system for intermediate to advanced exercisers. They do show some modifications, but I don't think this set is best suited for an absolute beginner. 


In my 30 days on Supreme 90 Day I lost: 8 pounds, 2.6% body fat, 1.5" from my waist, .5" from my right thigh, .25" from my right calf, and 1" from my hips! I am extremely pleased with these results. For women afraid of lifting heavy: I did these workouts with 10's, 15's and 20 pound weights. Did I bulk up? No, I'm slimming down. Weights are for girls ;)

Final thoughts

My favorite thing about these workouts:

  • They are not just cardio, or just strength, it's everything you need right here in one very affordable package. 
  • I love that it's challenging, the Tabata Inferno was my absolute favorite DVD in this system. It's tough, but that's what I want from my workouts.
  • I was surprised at how much core work there is. I originally thought I needed to add the Core Dynamics DVD more, but quickly found out that there is plent-o-core in these workouts! 
  • They're not too long, and not too short. Most of the workouts are around 40 minutes. Perfect.
To summarize: love, got good results, recommend. Have you tried this workout system?

I am just a blogger, not a doctor, trainer, or any sort of professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet, supplement, or new workout program. I was provided this workout system for review, but receive no compensation for any posts. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own.