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Hype or Help: Paleo for Weight Loss

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Paleo eating has a huge buzz around it lately. There's a whole community of blogs/social media surrounding it. Many believe it to be the healthiest way to eat. The way we were meant to eat. It's become a movement!

But, how is the paleo diet for weight loss?
I tried paleo briefly a while ago, but didn't stick to it. I did feel fabulous on it though, so I'm going to give it another go. I feel better on a diet with lower carbs, so I'm excited to see how I feel after a month of paleo eating. I also really want to see what my weight loss results will be from eating this way. Enter another hype or help experiment!
August will be my paleo month. I am committed to making it the entire month. I've armed myself with some paleo cookbooks (like the ones pictured above) and some good paleo recipe blogs. I am hoping this will help me to avoid the monotony that sunk my efforts the last time I tried this. I've also filled my cupboards and refrigerator with lots of variety of yummy paleo foods. Again, in an effort to set myself up for success this time around!

I've also read:


I'll be doing lots of blogs and vlogs throughout the month of August. Everything from sharing my results/how I feel to grocery hauls and recipes I try. My goal is to show exactly what paleo is and what eating paleo actually looks like! Also, I hope to track again on my Adventures in Tracking blog (this gets time consuming, but I'm going to try!). I'll be back Monday with my starting stats. I hope you'll come along with me for my little paleo experiment!

My final 30 day Paleo Results are Here

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