Daily Tracking 1/10/12

First things first of course. I had two cups of coffee with real cream.

Breakfast was an omelet with mushrooms and onions made in coconut oil. Hubby surprised me with it while I was working on a review post, what a guy.

My workout was this:
I did the entire DVD, about an hour.

Post workout I had a banana (which I didn't get a pic of) and then this smoothie for lunch. It's frozen blueberries, unsweetened coconut milk and vanilla whey protein. Yum.
More coffee. I drink more coffee when I'm cold, do you? With real cream again of course.

Baby carrots for snack, no idea why the pic turned out so bad.
Dinner was turkey meatballs with green salad topped with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. I had seconds on the meatballs ;)

Happy Wednesday!