Easy Paleo Mayo Recipe

Why do I make my own mayo? Well, have you read the back of a mayo bottle? They're often made with soybean or canola oils and lots of other things I'm not crazy about.

I've been playing around with my original Paleo Mayo recipe and really like this new version. I still prefer my original recipe for chicken salad and similar dishes, but this new recipe goes very well with some other recipes I've been working on. Especially egg salad, devilled eggs, Paleo veggie dip, and various Paleo salad dressings. (All of those recipes will be coming soon!) 

Paleo Mayo
1 pasteurized egg
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp apple cider vinegar (I prefer BRAGG Organic Raw Unfiltered)
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 cup light olive oil (not extra virgin, just light tasting) OR walnut oil also works nicely

Blend egg in blender. Add apple cider vinegar, mustard, and sea salt. Blend. Then, take the little peep hole top off your blender and slowly drizzle in your oil while blending on low. Blend until the consistency of mayo. You may need to stop the blender and scrape the sides to be sure it combines well.
Keep refrigerated. Also, be aware that it won't last forever in your refrigerator like store bought (preservative loaded) mayo. I usually just make what my family can use in 5 to 7 days.

I know making your own mayo can sound daunting, but it really is easy. Let me know if you try it!