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Choosing a Word for the New Year

I think I first heard of this concept of choosing a 'word' for the New Year from my friend Carla. That was a few years ago. It never really resonated with me though. I was more about goals.

Until this year. (Though my goal-setting will still be intact.) This year I love the idea of choosing a word. A word that represents an intention, a focus, a mantra. Something that resonates, defines, and represents. One word that sums up all of my hopes and plans for the New Year.

For some reason a word jumped out at me this year. It pretty much chose me. The word downright vibrates for me!

My word for 2015: Reinvention.

That one word speaks volumes to me at this season of my life. To me it speaks of not just change (though it screams that plenty loudly and I love that), but of hope and power over my choices. It speaks of opportunity and success. It speaks of the ability to be responsible for the outcomes in my life. It speaks of newness and freshness. It speaks of learning and improving. It speaks of embracing life and living the heck out of it. Most of all it speaks of the limitless possibilites on the new page of life I am beginning to write upon.

Bring on 2015. Let the reinventing begin!

Do you have a word for 2015?