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Berry Mud Power Smoothie Bowl

Berry Mud Protein-Packed Power Smoothie Bowl

I was doing smoothie bowls before smoothie bowls were cool. I was always making too much smoothie for a glass and making them way too thick. So, I started putting them in a bowl and eating them with a spoon. I kind of thought I was weird. I just quietly made my smoothies super thick, poured them in the bowl, topped them with yummy stuff and, mmmm. They've been a favorite breakfast for years. I didn't even know they were a thing until they started popping up all over Pinterest.

Well, then, no quiet smoothie bowl consuming here! Oh, the recipes I have to share. Let's start with the first one I started with years ago. The Berry Mud Power Smoothie Bowl...

Berry Mud Power Smoothie Bowl

This power smoothie bowl is very thick, very satisfying, packed with nutrient-dense superfoods, and oh so good!

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl

Berry Mud SuperFood Smoothie Bowl


1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla cashew milk
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen sliced strawberries (I find these easier to measure than whole frozen)
Smoothie Bowl Ingredients


Blend cashew milk, whey protein, and frozen blueberries in your blender. Then, add the frozen strawberries slowly. It will be very thick. If you don't have a great blender you may need to add a bit more CashewMilk to this to get it to blend well.

Top with whatever you'd like. I did sliced fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, and Organic Chia Seeds. Try also with Coconut Flakes, chopped nuts, Cacao Nibs, or sliced bananas.

Berry Mud SuperFood Smoothie Bowl

Let me know if you try it!