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Don't you ever let 'em tell you you can't!

Because you can!
Just because you are overweight does not mean you can't. I am so tired of hearing that! Let me tell you, for one thing, you can work out. Hard too. I know there are health considerations, etc. And, yes always check with your doctor. But if you are basically healthy don't hold yourself back or let someone else hold you back! Be careful, get educated on how best to do things: strength training, exercises, race training, etc. But let me tell you, I ran a marathon last May. Yes, chubby me RAN a marathon. That's 26.2 miles baby! I trained for months and I did it. I only lost 10 lbs during training, but so what?! I ran a marathon. That is something I will always be proud of. I will probably try to run another one sometime for a better time :) My point being that dangit, you can do anything you set your mind to! You might get there quickly or gradually, but set your goals and let's go!
I don't say any of this to brag, or say I'm so great, but as an example. I was 195 lbs when I started training for my marathon. I still weigh 185 lbs, but I am a fit chubby girl! I can do some crazy tough workouts and I can run.
You don't have to accept defeat. Yes, everyone else in my family is very large, but I refuse to succumb to the 'I can't' thinking. My family thinks they can't. But they can, they are just afraid to try. I am fighting those same genes, and it's tough, and it's scary sometimes, but I can win that fight and so can they, so can you. It's one step, one choice at a time. It's pushing yourself a little farther, a little harder every time.
I just want to give every one of you struggling with this a big hug and tell you "baby, you CAN." Put yourself out there; pick yourself up if you fail and celebrate when you succeed. Just don't be afraid to try.
Sorry for the rant, much love meant by it, I am just tired of people selling themselves short. You are capable, you are worth it, and you are amazing.