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It begins...

I was sitting watching TV last night and realized, it has begun...the whole New Years Resolution, Weight Loss/Fitness Products Media BONANZA.

This time of year always makes me smile. We all get inundated with commercials for Special K, Weight Watchers, diet pills that claim you can sit on your butt and take this pill and the fat will melt away, and the fitness gadget of the moment. You name it, it's got an infomercial, TV commercial, newspaper ad, or store display. TV shows begin showing special segments on fitness, weight loss, living healthy, etc. even the news will jump on the bandwagon.

It makes me smile because it is funny to me that everyone will spend a short time uber focused on things I work hard to focus on all year round. The media gives this huge push, to sell products I'm sure, to get everyone going on this whole emotional high. "let's all do this!" But that wears off. And the media attention fades. And the commercials become sparse. The prices of Special K and SlimFast go back up. And we are still here! Maybe a little lighter in the pockets from the products pushed this time of year. The SlimFast shakes that leave us famished, the excerwonder whatever that collects dust in the corner because it's no fun to use. Eating our egg whites for breakfast, we are still here when the New Years craze fades.

So I say, why not? Let's make our resolutions, jump on that bandwagon, use that momentum, take advantage of the sales on everything from cereal to gym memberships. Let's enjoy being in the it crowd of the moment. But at the first, or even the second, bump in the road let's not jump off with the rest of the world.  Let's hang on tight for the long haul.  Let's make real, doable resolutions and do our best at sticking to them. Let's use the emotional up this time of year gives, but when we are down let's not quit on ourselves. Let's find the good deals on weight loss and fitness products, but not get sucked in to buying useless junk.  Let's do this, but really.