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Like a Battlefield

You know that Jordin Sparks song Battlefield? I was listenning to that this morning thinking, weight loss is like a battlefield.
Watch out for those cookie mines...look out for that chocolate...sneak past the caramel macchiato to get the skinny latte...take cover, it's mom's cooking...uh-oh the holidays...bring in reinforcements...pms time, retreat!
There are times it feels like less of a battle, but those times always seem to go and the battle returns. I had a relatively easy time through the holidays, but then pms hit and I needed chocolate to soothe that beast, lol. I got up early this morning to workout and didn't. So now I need to battle myself to the treadmill. I've skipped too many days around Christmas not to. I ate too much last night and again this morning. Gotta battle myself to start logging those calories to keep me in line.
It is a battle worth fighting, and a battle I will win, but a battle nonetheless. I've been reading a few blogs on people in maintenance, and it seems it may be a battle forever. I think my past failures were based on the fact that once I got to where I felt good about myself: in that certain size jeans, or that certain number on the scale, I dropped my guard and slipped back into old patterns. I am realizing when you have been so dysfunctional with food, weight, etc your whole life the battle doesn't end when the scale reads that magic number. It is way too easy to make it go right back up. So I am changing my mindset that there is an 'end' to this. Yes, I will get to my goal. But that isn't the end. Just a point on the journey.
Better go get your armour...