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The Biggest Loser The Workout 30-Day Jump Start

I am giving the newest installment of the Biggest Loser the Workout series, 30-Day Jump Start, 4 stars as an exceptional beginner work out DVD.

30-Day Workout Program
10-Minute Workouts
Bob's Motivational Tips
Bob's Diet Tips
Training Tips
Audio Options:
Music and Instruction
Music Only

For this workout you will need: a mat if working out on a hard surface and a set of handweights. They also use: a stability ball, exercise cords or bands, and a water ball or medicine ball. You can however do the entire DVD without the last ones if you do not have them (I don't and used handweights).

By far this is the best beginner DVD from Biggest Loser yet. All the moves are shown in great modifications for beginners, and the 30 day workout program seems tailored for the beginner; it starts out very slow and steady. If you are more advanced you can still get a great workout here; you will want to jump in at a later week in the program.

Now, let me say up front that from all that I've heard about this DVD I expected not to like it and to have to give a bad review here, but I was pleasantly surprised by it.

Bob Harper is NOT the trainer in this DVD as the cover would have you believe. Rather, former Biggest Loser contestants Tara, Sione, and Ali lead this DVD. Bob does show up in the motivational and diet tip sections, but nowhere else. These three are really enjoyable to watch though. Their cues were good, their instruction on form was good, and they were sorta cute and funny. I enjoyed watching them interact on this DVD, it made it more fun for me.

The set is the Biggest Loser Scale and the 'cast' is Biggest Loser contestants: Ali, Tara, Sione, Allen, Danny, Liz, Amanda, and Daniel. The music was upbeat and not annoying.

This DVD is broken up into 10 minute segments. Each segment does have a short warmup and cooldown, but I didn't find this awkward in the transitions. You could either skip the cooldowns, or just do them like I did.

The 30-Day Workout Program:

Week 1 workout 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week
Monday Cardio Level 1
Tuesday Upper Body
Wednesday Cardio Level 2
Thursday Abs
Friday Cardio Level1
Saturday Lower Body

Week 2 workout 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week
Monday Cardio Level 1 and Cardio Level 2
Tuesday Upper Body and Lower Body
Wednesday Cardio Level 2 and Abs
Thursday Cardio Level 1 and Cardio Level 2
Friday Upper Body and Lower Body
Saturday Cardio Level 1 and Cardio Level 2

Week 3 workout 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week
Monday Cardio Level 1 and Abs and Cardio Level 2
Tuesday Upper Body and Cardio Level 1 and Lower Body
Wednesday Cardio Level 1 and Abs and Cardio Level 2
Thursday Upper Body and Cardio Level 2 and Lower Body
Friday Cardio Level 1 and Abs and Cardio Level 2
Saturday Upper Body and Cardio Level 1 and Lower Body

Week 4 workout 40 minutes a day, 6 days a week
Monday Cardio Level 1 and Abs and Cardio Level 2 and Upper Body
Tuesday Upper Body and Cardio Level 1 and Lower Body and Cardio Level 2
Wednesday Upper Body and Cardio Level 1 and Lower Body and Cardio Level 2
Thursday Cardio Level 1 and Abs and Cardio Level 2 and Lower Body
Friday Upper Body and Cardio Level 1 and Lower Body and Cardio Level 2
Saturday Upper Body and Cardio Level 1 and Lower Body and Cardio Level 2

Cardio Level 1:
This segment is lead by Tara and is 10 minutes of pure cardio, with no weights, and a brief warmup and cooldown. There are kicks, jumping jacks, jump rope moves, even jumping rope on one foot (no jump rope required, lol), but don't let those scare you, there are great beginner modifications shown for all. Tara was very upbeat and encouraging. Gotta say I loved her on the show and she is too cute in this. She tells you the important part right now is to keep moving and keeps you feeling encouraged throughout. Watch Liz and Daniel for modifications in this section. As there are so many people to watch in all of these sections it is a good idea to find the one or two people working out at your level and keep your eyes on them.

This section is lead by Sione and Tara. Gotta say, even if you didn't like Sione on the show (grin) he's great in this video. At the end of this section Tara and Sione are in a 'plank contest'. Now, if any of this seems too cutesy silly to you, or if you don't like the show, you may not enjoy this DVD as much, but I think you will still find it's a good workout. In the Abs section you will use weights or a waterball/medicine ball in this section. Really good ab workout here, but still great modifications shown for beginners. Good variety of moves, not just your typical crunches over and over ab workout.

Cardio Level 2:
This section is lead by Ali (first female biggest loser winner if you're not a fan). You will use hand weights for this cardio section. They also show variations with exercise tubes/cords, but they are definitely not necessary to do the workout. Liz is not in this section and you should watch Daniel and Danny for beginner modifications. Lots of great cardio moves here: lunges, jumping rope, jumping jacks with weights (UGH); yet still great modifications for you beginners. This level is clearly more challenging than the level 1, but still accessible to beginners by doing the modifications. Ali gets a little winded in this trying to keep up doing the workout and talking; lets you know it's a good workout.

Upper Body:
This section is lead by Sione and is done on a stability ball. If you don't have one (I don't) you can easily do all the moves without one, just modify to floor. They do push-ups on the ball at one point, I just did them on the floor. Amanda is the girl to watch in this section for beginner modifications. You will need hand weights or bands/tubes. Great upper body workout here: chest presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc.

Lower Body:
Ali leads this section and Amanda is again the girl to watch for beginner modifications. They suggest handweights for this and to go a little heavier than what you used in the previous workouts. I thought this was a great lower body workout and a bit more challenging than the upper body workout. Tricky moves here, like: single leg squats and dead lifts standing on one leg, but I still felt the beginner modifications make it accessible to all levels. This is a tough lower body workout and even pretty advanced if you follow Tara, Ali, Sione, etc with the one leg moves with weights.

Bob's Motivational Tips and Bob's Diet Tips:
This is the only section of the DVD you will find Bob Harper. He gives several tips on motivation and diet. Very helpful and again especially great for beginners. Things like, telling us we're "in this game for the long haul" and gives some really great tips for restaurant choices. The only thing I took issue with was he says, give him 6 good days and eat whatever you want on the 7th. I sometimes give myself a cheat meal, but have always found it very hard to come back from an entire cheat day. Know yourself here, do what works for you. Helpful, useful sections here, definitely don't skip them.

Training Tips:
Shows how to use and gives tips for resistance cords, water balls, stability balls, and body bands; of course all sold on

Shows previews of other Biggest Loser workouts.

Overall, I found this a great workout DVD especially for beginners. They managed to show a workout that will make you sweat whatever your fitness level while at the same time keeping it fun and upbeat. I enjoyed the interactions between the three trainers and found it refreshing to be entertained through a workout DVD. Lots of people to watch and the set is a little busy, but easily overcome by focussing on the people working out at your level.

Hey Biggest Loser, how about a Tara, Sione, Ali workout series?

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