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"Do, or do not…there is no try" – Yoda.

265andfalling has a quote on his blog: "Do, or do not…there is no try" – Yoda. Thought that was appropriate for a checking in on resolutions post. Plus, then I get to use my jedi squirrel pic. hee hee.

I jumped on the bandwagon this year and made resolutions (goals) for 2010. January is now done, where did the month go? I thought this would be a good time to check in and see how I'm doing with them. I didn't make them intending for them to be resolutions that go by the wayside in a week. I made them as goals I want to make happen this year.

I. Lose 40 lbs Was 185, Now 179.5

     A. I will consistently track calories consumed
     I was doing very well with this until I started low carb,   
     may be altering this a bit. I tend to stick right around
     1300-1400 calories on low carb and don't see the need
     to be as dilligent tracking, maybe will change to once
     a week just to stay on top of things.

     B. I will workout 5 or 6 days every week
     Did well with this most of the month. This week I slacked
     more than I should have. Will know I need to watch this.

     C. I will keep blogging for accountability
     Ya, doing this! A lot, he he.
II. Improve my 5k time My intended race may have been  moved to September, grrr.

     A. I will incorporate more speed workouts in my routine
     Anytime I run now, I run fast (relative term). No more slow
     runs for me. If I want to up my pace, I have to up my
     pace. After a warm up I never set the treadmill lower than
     5 mph and work my up to 6 and 7 mph (although I can't
     do 7 very long yet). I think 7.8 is the fastest I've tried.

     B. I will run 2 or 3 times every week
     Have not done well with this. Need to reflect if it is a
     reasonable goal. If I want to do so many other types of
     workouts it's hard to fit in that many runs. Something
     needs to shift here.

III. FINISH a writing project (eep, did I really say that out loud???)

     A. I will try working from an outline :p(have not done)

     B. I will write at least 3 days per week(have not done)
     I have however begun networking with writers, and
     through that realize I need to set some goals of what I am
     going to get done and make myself stick to them.
     Possibly an accountability partner even. I have three
     projects I'm looking at and trying to decide which to pick
     as the finish no matter what! Just finishing any of them
     would be progress for me; even if the final product stinks.

IV. Improve my Japanese

     A. I will continue taking Japanese with my oldest son

     B. I will practice, practice, practice.
     Not so much. Have gotten busy and let this go. Need to
     be more aware for myself and my son.

V. Get rid of the rest of my packrat tendencies

     A. I will continue giving away ANYTHING we don't truly    
    USE, truly NEED, or truly LOVE. Took more to goodwill.

     B. I will be more consistant in throwing away magazines; 
     I will let subscriptions lapse that I don't faithfully read
     Most of my subscriptions lapsed this month, and I have
     not renewed any. But, still have a pile 'to read'. Gotta
     read and/or throw away!

     C. I will re-do my filing system  
          Haven't done :(

I know that a lot of people set their gung ho New Year's Resolutions, then by February it's eh, not so much. That is not what I want, so I choose to keep on truckin'. Did you make goals for this year? How are you doing?