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Fat Clothes Be Gone

I was just leaving a comment at another blog where she mentioned revolving closets. It got me thinking about a choice I've made. The choice to no longer hang onto my 'fat clothes'.
When I made the choice a little over a month ago I never really thought much about it. But on further reflection it stands for so much more than I put conscious thought to. Why do we hang onto clothes that we swim in? Why take up space in our lives with that junk? Now, keeping one pair of 'before' jeans is one thing. That can be very motivating for ourselves and even other people. But keeping a closet full of our past? Clothes that are too big. Clothes that represent places we don't want to go back to; people we don't want to be anymore. Nonsense. No. No more.
I am choosing to get rid of my 'back up' wardrobe as I lose. I am sending them out to bless someone else. No more hanging onto those bigger sizes..just in case. It truly is just planning to fail. What a ridiculous concept. We need to surround ourselves with positive, motivating things and people. Not reminders of the pizzas of Fridays past. So, I will no longer be hanging onto clothes that are too big! To the Goodwill they go. No more safety net, no more security blanket. I am planning to SUCCEED.