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Follower Envy

Ever go to someone's blog, or twitter home page, or facebook page and they have like a bazillion followers? OK, maybe not a bazillion, maybe just a 100 or 200 or 300 or so. And you think wow, good for them, they are so great, of course they have tons of people following them?

Well, I don't. I think gee, I'm jealous.

Ridiculous, I know, but I have follower envy. I am jealous of all of you super wonderful people that have bazillions of people following you. No idea why, really. Possibly a topic to bring up with therapist? Oh, ya, I don't have one. Will do some soul searching on that one for sure. Or not, probably not actually, more pressing issues to search the soul over! Like why I still have a deep, burning desire for peanut butter cup ice cream.

All kidding aside, just thought I'd confess that deep dark secret to all my blogger friends. Do you think less of me now?

Please don't tell me if I'm the only one that's ever had follower envy.