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The Fruit and Veggie Project Part 1: The Ugli Fruit

I've started a new project with my family. We are calling it The Fruit and Veggie Project. (cue mission impossible music) The mission, and we've already chosen to accept it: Try new fruits and vegetables.

Every time I go shopping I am going to select one, or more, fruits or vegetables we've never had. I figure this will broaden our nutritional horizons and make my weight loss process not so mundane.

First fruit of the project: The Ugli Fruit. We had already devoured it when I remembered I wanted to take pics for this. So, I added pics of the peels; I'll do better next time I promise.

The Ugli Fruit is a very ugly citrus fruit. It's big like a grapefruit and green and all funky looking. I was thinking it was going to taste like a grapefruit and hence not looking forward to said Ugli Fruit. I was pleasantly surprised however. It is a little grapefruit tasting, but sweet like an orange. It has seeds, bummer, but it was extremely juicy.
Water was squirting out of this thing and all over my 6 year old. The whole family gave it a thumbs up...well, except the 4 year old. Probably shouldn't have told him it's name first, we absolutely could not get him to partake of an ugly fruit!