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I Want to Run FAST

I want to run fast. I do, I admit it. I've been running for about 3 years now and I want to run fast. Hi, I'm Kat..and I WANT TO RUN FAST. Well, fast for me anyway. The fastest mile I've run was just under 11 minutes. My fastest 5k time is 39 minutes. One of my goals for this year is to shave that down. The bigget obstacle: fat. Yep, extra fat is heavy, who knew right?

When you run, being overweight is like having extra weights strapped to your person. It makes everything harder, and hence, slower. So, in order to run fast, I have to...lose weight. Well, that's handy, I'm already working on that!

A shift in focus is always helpful for me. Just focusing on weight loss, weight loss, weight loss for months and months gets old. I find setting another goal for myself, like...running faster, gives me fresh passion and drive. Obviously the two go hand in hand, but the shift in focus helps my mental game. And weight loss is a huge mental game! 

So, I have a 5k coming up in April and I want to make leaps and bounds improvements on my time. My game plan is to do more speed work than I've ever done and...knock off some serious poundage before April!

Wish me luck!