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I'm Going to Do It...

Low carb that is. I am committing to do my modified version of low carb for the next week and then go from there. I am also reading a couple of books, including The Brown Fat Revolution that I will probably switch to once I get things rolling again. Maybe even a giveaway there (waiting to hear).

I know what makes me feel good and what my body does well with, so that is what I'll do. I just don't particularly enjoy ditching the carbs. I tend to miss my special k, kashi, and wheat thins!! But, I want this weight off more, so here we go.

I am going to include things like: berries, greek yogurt, lots of veggies, lean meats, nuts, etc. I also plan to still track my calories on sparkepeople to see where I end up eating this way more than anything. So far today I'm at about 30 grams of carbs and 1099 calories, with dinner yet to go.

As an aside, if you witnessed my twitterfit this afternoon whilest trying to drum up some followers, sorry, I'm not always that nuts (wink, wink).

Working on several reviews, should have them up this week.