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The Low Carb Diet vs The Helpful Hubby

Today I was having a rough day. A bad day even. Completely PMSing. Letting my attitude take over. Very cranky with my poor hubby before he left for work and once on the he came home for lunch and brought in this:

Not the Skinny Vanilla Latte I usually get, but a Skinny Caramel Macchiato. I'm assuming that means it has caramel sauce. Hello sugar. He usually has it in his phone what I drink, but apparantly accidentally erased it. How he came up with this, I'm not sure. But it was meant in love, so I will appreciate that.

Then, he went back to his car and:

TWO Dove dark chocolate bars. Now, this man knows the only thing that tames the PMS beast around here is really dark chocolate. I usually go for the good, high percentage choc, low sugar stuff. But again, he doesn't always notice the little details, and it was meant in love.

My wonderful husband in his sweet heart brought me coffee and chocolates to help with my PMS.

After the guilt subsided and he left I sat here for quite some time trying to decide what to do!! I thought, crap. This is so not low carb. What do I do? What do I do?

I don't think I could physically waste a Starbucks, that's beyond my capabilities. So, I'm drinking it, and yes, yum. I am however going to forego the chocolates, take a deep breath, feel hubby's love, and try to improve my attitude sans the Dove Bars.

Normally those Dove bars wouldn't last an hour, but I am seeing progress this week. I put them in the freezer, and will only pull them out if Ms. PMS Raging B!@#* appears. Medicinally of course.