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Warning: Exercise may increase endorphins, improve your mood, and cause extreme silliness in point, texts between my sis and I this early am:

Sis: Good Morning
(Long Pause as I had already gotten up at 4:45 and was working out)
Sis: sends pic of her treadmill screen (probably thinking my lazy butt was still in bed, lol)
Me: Good Morning! I got up a little earlier to do 2-- 35 min workouts together. Woohoo, I feel fanfriggintastic.
Sis: Wow that's a big word!
Me: Wonderful what exercise does for the brain this early, lol
Sis: I agree...Go write!!
Sis: Walked & did leg pilates! & a clean kitchen. All by 6:15! It's going to be a fanfriggintastic day!
Me: Lol. OK.
Sis: Going to shower...Morning routine here I come! Sneeking up on my day like a ninja!!
Me: U go u little ninja
Me: Lol, ninja, that's fanfriggintastic totally giggling
Sis: Crap my kids just snuck up...on me like ninjas...It is 6:30! Shoulda showered at 6 :)
Me: I think I will write a post warning that endorphins from exercise may cause extreme silliness here we are. I am writing and feeling fanfriggintastic still, and sis was better able to roll with the punches of her kids interupting her morning routine...all because we got up early and got those exercise endorphins going.

You've probably all heard about runner's high, exercise endorphins, exercise boosting mood, etc. But if you haven't actually experienced much of this yet, I encourage you to persevere. You will, and it's better than anti depressants in my humble opinions.

I have noticed the mood lift more after a hard run, when I really got that heart rate up doing intervals or speed work; or after a hard workout, where I really had fun and got that heart rate up. But it also seems to change my day in and day out mood too. This morning I did a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader workout (don't laugh) followed by my Last Chance Workout DVD. And, felt rather fabulous and silly afterwards.

Exercise definitely lifts my mood. It makes me feel all around more positive, able, and equipped to take on my day. When I am exercising on a regular basis I feel like I'm a better mom: more patient, happier, and more energetic. Even a better wife, sex drive and all that, lol. My self esteem is boosted, my self image is improved, my posture is better, and my overall outlook on life is more positive.

All of this and it will help me lose weight too. Bonus.