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Weigh In

OK, so I am going to take my own advice for once (isn't that hard sometimes?) and stop obsessing so much about the square contraption in my bathroom!

I weighed this morning, and>>>drumroll>>>184, ba dum bum. Seriously?? Yep. I was 183.5 yesterday when I posted. Had a bad food day, ended up at 1900 (which by all the math shouldn't equate a gain for me)calories yesterday.  So, I am now where I started last week.

Moving on. Thanks so much everyone for weighing in (he he) on the low carb thing, keep the comments coming! It helps to see what others think. Going to try and make a decision today and start my new, whatever, plan tomorrow. I am feeling good, and not down about any of this. I'm mostly in my problem solver mode, like, OK what plan can I make to fix this? Ooh, could their be lists and math and excel sheets involved too?? Yes, my inner geek would adore that!

I will get pictures on as soon as hubby wakes up to take them ;)

Hubby says he sees a difference, I however see none.