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Weight Loss Friendly Pizza Recipes

I have two pizza recipes for you today, the first is my low carb crustless pizza (I know, weird) and the second a lower fat/lower calorie (compared to normal pizza) recipe from my sister.  You can plug either of these recipes into and enter the number of slices you'll cut it into and get complete nutritional info. Let me know if you do, I'd be interested how they come out!

Low Carb Crustless Pizza
Now, this is my recipe, and I've told you before how I cook, so, here goes:
In a skillet I drizzle a miniscule amount of olive oil, then add half an onion (or a whole onion, if I'm feelin the onion that day) chopped and 2 cloves of garlic minced, and saute a minute. Then I add 2 lbs lean ground beef or ground turkey (just cut recipe down if that's too much for your family). Cook until done, then season with an italian seasoning blend I have and a little salt and pepper. Next I dump in a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes/drained. Cook a bit, then I stop stirring the mixture and sprinkle some mozarella or pizza blend shredded cheese on top and let sit on lower heat until melted. Cut into pizza triangles, and ya, sounds weird, but my family kinda likes it and very few carbs. You can add in any type of veggies with the canned tomatoes: peppers, mushrooms, etc will up carb count a little.

Lower Fat/Lower Calorie Pizza
I like this crust recipe because, there's no oil. You can brush the edges with a touch of olive oil before baking if you'd like. This recipe will make 2 fairly large pizzas, the thinner the crust, the less calories per slice ;)
2 cups very warm water, but not hot
2 packages yeast
3 T Flour
In a large bowl combine the water, yeast, and 2 T of the flour. Sprinkle the top with the remaining 1 T flour and let it sit until all of the top flour is absorbed, then add:
5 cups flour (you can use white, or whole wheat, or half of each)
3 T sugar (I am going to experiment with truvia here)
1 t salt
Cornmeal or extra flour to dust bottom
Knead the mixture by hand for 6-8 minutes or until very smooth and elastic, yet not stiff. Divide it into two and roll out in the cornmeal or flour. Place in pan or on pizza stone, prick with fork, and prebake without toppings at 475 for 5 to 8 minutes (sis said 500, all this depends on your oven, so you may have to watch and adjust temps accordingly). Add toppings and bake another 10-15 minutes.
You can also mix in a little basil or italian seasoning mix for a little kick.

Sauce: you can look for a healthier premade pizza sauce, or just use a little lowfat spaghetti sauce. I usually use a little plain tomato sauce sprinkled heavily with my italian seasoning blend and  little salt and pepper. My sister said a little olive oil and seasoning is good too, but will add fat and calories, which is OK with her ;)

Get creative with veggies here. Pile it high with things like: onions, fresh garlic, peppers, mushrooms, or artichokes. Heck, I've even tried brocolli and spinach on pizza and loved it! My favorite: just slice some fresh tomato all over the top, a little sprinkle of green onion, mmm. I also like chicken breast on my pizza, or turkey pepperoni.  Last, just sprinkle a little mozarella or low fat pizza blend cheese. (unless you prefer cheese first, then toppings). You really can go light on the cheese here, it's very yummy without a ton of ooey gooey cheese, and you'll save calories.

There you have it, pizza for whatever your plan, hold the guilt!

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