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02.07.2010 Weigh In

179.5 again. And that is fanfriggintastic with me! I was fretting that I would have a gain from lack of paying enough attention to my diet this week. Hooray, I stayed the same, counting that as a success.

I've been reading a bit lately about allowing cheat meals once a week. Some say it even boosts your metabolism and makes sticking to whatever plan you choose easier. Going to try that out today. I usually avoid cheat days because I have a hard time getting back on track after a whole day off. Maybe with just a cheat meal it will be easier?? We'll see. 

I plan for lunch today to be my cheat meal for the weak, nothing outrageous calorie wise, still keeping that in range, but having me some carbs. Wheat Thins anyone? Yes, please.

Plus, I am going to bake one of the Hungry Girl Recipes from my fancy schmancy new recipe cards for dessert. Will post pics of it with the review of the cards later today.

Happy Sunday!