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02.28.2010 Weigh in

Happy Sunday Everyone! I am feeling so great lately. Amazing how not obsessing over all this makes me feel so free. Still working hard at weight loss, but not letting myself obsess anymore. Bliss.

OK, so weighed in this morning, scale reading: 178. Body Fat analyzer said: 33% BMI 28.7. Awesome. That is down 3.5 lbs from last week, but 1.5 down from the 179.5 the week before. Still not sure what was up last week (ha, ha literally), but everything seems back to normal now! 

Hoping to add pics later, feeling lazy today, lol. We'll see. I feel like I see more results on me than on the scale, my body is crazy that way I guess. I think it's because I gain muscle more easily than most women. All those trainers, gurus that will say, don't worry girls, you won't get big, um...yes, I will. But I am OK with that too. Better muscle than fat!

I know, I'm rambling. Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

PS I miss Lisa!