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Am I Really Doing Whatever it Takes?

I was talking to a couple of people on Twitter this morning about being competitive and weight loss. Which got me to thinking about the biggest loser competition I took part in a few years ago. 

It was a 3 month competition. First prize was $200, and oh boy did I get close to winning. Took second place. A boy won, but I gave him a run for his money. It came down to a pound or two that would have swung my percentage to the top spot. I was intense, I was focussed, I was going to win that money. I am a competitive person, so that really added fuel to my fire. It was actually a lot of fun. 

Thinking about this competition made me realize two things. First, money motivates me. If someone put down money and said, you can have this if you...get to 165 lbs (my goal for posting full body pics, face and all), 145 lbs (my final goal), whatever. You could bet on me doing it. I would do whatever it took to lose that weight. That has more to do with our current financial situation than my personality I think.

Second, I realized I am not doing whatever it takes. Now, if a little money waved in front of my face could make me drop fat like it was hot, then I obviously can do more than I am doing now. 

Definitely something for me to chew on.

Have a great Saturday!