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Best. Valentine's Day. Ever.

I had hoped to have a giveaway every Monday in February, oops, not going to happen exactly like I planned. Don't have as many sponsors for giveaways as I had hoped. Bummer.

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Mine was fabulous. Best. Valentine's Day. Ever. Nothing showy and overtly romantic. My parents took the kids Saturday night and kept them through Sunday evening. Fantastic. Fanfriggintastic. 

Saturday night hubby and I snuggled on the couch and watched the DVR'd Big Bang Theory and Survivor we didn't get to watch last week. It. Was. AWESOME. Uninterupted TV time is a rare commodity around here. We reveled in it.

We had planned to get up early and go get coffee and go shopping, but it started snowing Saturday night, so we scrapped that idea. A 35 minute drive in the snow wasn't my idea of fun. 

Sunday morning we slept in until about 7. Yes, that is sleeping in for us. Then we got up and I watched the news for a minute and Food Network for a bit while hubby went to go get a Sunday paper. I was too lazy to get up and make coffee even! Definitely not a good choice to watch Food Network when you are too lazy to cook. Hubby got back and made his lazy wife breakfast. I sat by the fire and sipped my coffee. Seriously, you can take your nights out, this was heaven to me. 

THEN, hold on to your hat, hubby went grocery shopping for me! I know, right. He took the list and off he went. And I, well I took a nap, giggle. I cannot remember the last time I have taken a nap. Years.

Money is too tight right now for us to buy each other anything for Valentine's Day, but hubby managed to weasel a Starbucks and a Runner's World magazine out of the grocery money:
Best present EVER. OK, second next to my blackberry :)

When hubby got back from shopping he went out to split firewood. The wood splitter wouldn't go in the cold, so he had to do it by hand. Which I always think is so hot. I know, TMI. Seriously single girls, marry a country boy. 

While he did that I decided enough lazy mommying around and took advantage of the no boy time to do some laundry and dishes. Got a lot accomplished.

Then about 5 hubby went out to get the boys and I ran on the treadmill and had a shower. 

Perfect. I texted him while he was gone: Best V-day ever. He texted back: Yes.

Sigh, I'm still all twitterpated from such a great day. The teenager stayed another night at my parents'. The little boys slept in, one until 7:45 and one until 8:30! Guess my parents wore them out, lol.

How was your Valentine's?